Laura Moretti

Laura is one-half of the dynamic duo to bring you Trifecta 2018. She’s a behind-the-scenes team member, a sort of silent partner, if you will. She designs and maintains the web site, our fliers and posters, writes and edits, etc., and also creates our videos.

Laura also designed David Soul’s official web site and continues to maintain it for him. She created David Soul Fans web site (which is actually undergoing an overhaul at this time, so stay tuned), and enjoys Starsky and Hutch time by making fan videos.

Laura’s real life work is dedicated to the protection of animals, most notably The Animals Voice. Together with David Soul, Laura also works to end the cruelty of the Asian dog meat trade.

Carolyn Peterson

Carolyn is the other one-half of the dynamic duo to bring you Trifecta 2018. She handles booking the venues, making the deposits, selling the tickets, and answering the fans.

Carolyn also hosts other celebrity events through her Nite of Dreams business. Unlike a typical fan convention, Nite of Dreams provides a unique way for fans and celebrities to spend time together in an intimate setting—whether it’s a gala event, a small dinner, or an after-concert meet-and-greet.

Carolyn founded Nite of Dreams after teaming up with Laura for two very successful Starsky and Hutch events called SurCon 2013 and SurCon 2014.

Together, Carolyn and Laura produced two highly successful tribute events for David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, and (eventually) Antonio Fargas, and they now bring you what they envision to be an even more rewarding event, Trifecta 2018! To do so, they spend countless HOURS of Skype time and HUNDREDS of emails between them, brainstorming, adding tasks to each other’s to-do lists, correcting each other’s typos (and math!), answering fans, and enjoying the process of producing these events for our special guys.